Humalog KwikPen 200 (insulin lispro)


Humalog KwikPen 200

Before use:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Read instructions that come prepackaged with Humalog KwikPen 200.
  3. Use a clean needle (needles not included).
  4. Prime your Humalog KwikPen. The clear any air bubbles and checks insulin comes out.
  5. Clean the area where you will be injecting the pen.
  6. Do not inject into a muscle or vein.
  7. Inject under the skin as instructed at least half an inch (1cm) from the last place injected.
  8. Leave pen inside skin for 5 seconds after injection to ensure that you have received the entire dose. Do not rub the area you have just injected.
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